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 Cursed Destiny

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MesajSubiect: Cursed Destiny   Dum Oct 18, 2009 5:57 pm

I remember lying on the ground in the middle of a highway, soaked in the cold rain and my own blood. I was shaking, both from the water and the pain that stretched throughout my body. My parents had died in the crash and were still in the car I had crawled out of. Afraid and bleeding heavily, I knew I was going to die there, even though I was only ten years old. Suddenly, someone kneeled next to me. It was so dark I could not see who it was except for a pair of red, glowing eyes. My body was going numb but I sill felt being lifted off the ground and carried somewhere warm where the rain did not fall. My vision was too blurry to see where I was but the next thing I knew something warm touched my lips and went down my throat. In minutes, the pain was gone, my body felt strong and my sight returned to normal. Looking up, I saw the shadowed face of a boy no older than I was. I tried to speak but he placed his hand over my eyes and everything went black.
“Grant! Wake up and get ready!” the coach yelled, snapping me out of my daydream.
More than six years have passed since that night. I never saw that boy again, unless you count my dreams and my too frequent daydreams.
I bent down, my left leg in front of my right, my knees bent, the tips of my fingers touched the ground. The whistle blew and I took off. The rest of the world turned into a blur as my feet carried me across the track. The voices of my classmates cheered me on and in nine seconds I reached the end of the 100-yard dash. Everyone was cheering and a couple of girls came running to congratulate me.
“Way to go, Jessie!” Lisa yelled lifting my left arm in triumph. She was taller than me by two inches, her blonde hair was always short so as not to get into her blue eyes. Her motto: You will find me where the fun is.
“You were great,” Alice said and hugged me. Unlike Lisa, she was the shy type. She kept her dark hair in a pony tail and often kept her brown eyes lowered.
The rest of my class surrounded us as we walked back to the long, wooden benches. “Good work, Grant,” the coach told me as I was taking a drink of water. “You’ve improved your time.”
“That’s my girl,” Lisa said and put an arm around my neck.
Some of the boys looked less than happy with my performance, then again, I am the best athlete in school, no student, male or female, can match me. But it has nothing to do with my grandmother’s health food, as I keep telling them. That boy is the reason I am not an average girl.
“You know, some would think you don’t like showing off,” Lisa remarked while I was pulling on my blue jeans and fastening the large buckle of my dark brown leather belt.
“If coach had not seen her running last year, we would have never known what she can do,” Alice said smiling while I put my brown jacket over a white blouse with black trimmings that let my neck and shoulders bare.
Actually, you have no idea what I can do. I can run even faster and I am probably stronger than any guy my age. But a year ago, when I thought no one was watching, I started running on the track behind the school. Luckily, I saw the coach before I went too fast.
“Come on, let’s go home,” I told them and shouldered my bag.
As we walked home, my mind drifted back to the night that changed my life and I again asked the same questions: Who was he? What was he doing there? And what did he do to me? I had no answers, except for supernatural ones.
“Nana! I’m home!” I called after I entered our house.
“Welcome home, dear,” she said coming out of the kitchen wiping her hands on the white apron she wore over her yellow dress with small red flowers.
Dear old Nana, seventy three but looked no older than sixty. She has been the one who raised me since the accident.
“Dinner’s in an hour, go wash up,” she told me as I climbed the stairs to my room.
I left my bag in my room and grabbed a towel. I took a quick shower and changed. Passing by my vanity mirror, I took a minute to look at myself. My chestnut hair was never greasy, and had not grown at all in the past six years, my brown eyes have such a clear colour they look almost unnatural and my teeth were always milk white. I would like to attribute my looks to the fact that I took care of myself but it is also a result of that night. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I am not human.
In the morning I woke up sweating and shaking. I dreamed of that night again but that time it had been different. I was not a little girl anymore but the sixteen-year-old I was now. For the first time I had been able to sit up and there was no rain. Twenty feet away, there was a black car and next to it was a young man with the same red, glowing eyes as that boy.
“What’s going on?” I asked myself and laid my head on my palms. One thing was for sure, that was no normal dream, something was going to happen.
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Cursed Destiny
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